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Tim Bloeme

By on april 30, 2018

Hi my name is Tim Bloeme, to give you a short summery of what makes me me:
Born and raised in Amsterdam growing up between busy roads and tourist. I quickly discoverd that I loved building things. In my early years this ment duplo/lego but as soon as I discoverd coding I was sold. Being able to build everything you can imagine from worlds biggest collection of parts feels amazing to me.

I joined GWW in april 2018 before that I studied IT at the university of Amsterdam. After my studies I worked as a back-end system developer. Besides work and studying I used to build/run the site for my student union as the chairman of there IT commission

Outside of work I enjoy sailing, cooking, playing games with friends (boardgames/cardgames or computergames), programming on something that peeked my intrests. Currently no kids in sight and enjoying live with my girlfriend. Travelling together to discover the world when we get the chance.

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