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Snowy Star Wars Visit

By on december 11, 2017

Sunday the 10th of December was GWW Familyday. A yearly event where all colleagues, partners and children are invited for a fun day away. This year we visited the Star Wars Identities exhibition in Utrecht and went for dinner afterwards. I turned into a very special day. The KNMI thought it was a very special day as well and even gave a ‘code orange’ for this. The second highest code for bad weather conditions…

Snowy weather

When we drove off with our bus in Groningen it wasn’t that bad at all, so we weren’t worried. As soon as we hit Almere this changed… We drove to Utrecht on a step-by-step basis. Fortunately we had a great busdriver and all turned out fine. The Amsterdam crew was already in Cinemec, where the exhibition was at. It was a very cool exhibition, for both children and adults. There is a lot to enjoy: the original artifacts from lots of Star Wars movies, interesting inside information about the designs, the character choices and the ‘making of process’ and last but not least the ‘Identities’ storyline.

Star Wars IdentityYour own Star Wars Identity

To create your own identity, everyone was given a wristband, which allowed you to log in at ten different’ identity stations’. You gave your own choice per station. For example, you chose your race, the planet on which you grew up, the way you were raised, your mentors in life and your career choice.

Eten Brasserie GraauwaartFood & Drinks

No event without good food. Brasserie Graauwaart was right next to the Cinemec. We were kind of hungry,  so after a short wait we fell on the food like hungry wolves. Beer from Brouwerij Maximus, good housewines and lots of tapas later everyone looked up very satisfied. We had a great day: cool Star Wars stuff, a gathering of all colleagues and their families and good food.

Returning home turned out to be more difficult for the Amsterdam colleagues: there were no trains… So nice that there are great taxi-  and busdrivers. Thanks to them everybody returned home safely.

Family values

At Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe we feel it’s important to balance everything. Work together and relax together. In our offices we do this by working on our projects and at the same time playing foosball and Super Smash Bros, by enjoying (good) lunches together. And besides our projects for customers we work on innovative and fun projects that we create and define ourselves.

Knowing your colleagues and their families makes us the ‘GWW Family’. Our yearly GWW Familyday is one of the events that we organize to meet up to these company values.