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Peter Uittenbroek

By on september 21, 2017

When I was young, I played with LEGO. A lot. And I often fantasized about that all the lego-people, cars, trains and everything else would be miniature robots and move by themselves. But being young, my fantasy was bigger than the things I could realize. But at the same time I came into contact with computers and games and my addiction was born.
Over the years I often played multiplayer games with my brothers, like Settlers 3, where you would control your people in your kingdom/empire/whatever. And after a while I ran into ‘scripting’, I could make the soldiers, tanks, helicopters do stuff in a scenario. Even better, I could make them react to stuff that happened! I was amazed, programming is cool!

When I went to school I had a strong affinity with science and technology, so when I was done with highschool it was only logical that I go for computer science. During my studies I did an internship at Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe, where I first experienced the unique atmosphere that makes it so awesome to work here. After traveling across the world to New Zeeland and Australia, I started working at GW20E in januari 2010 and have been here ever since. Starting as support/developer guy, I learned the ropes of all the various programs, systems and hardware we employ while also working on (new) projects on the side. I learned how we do stuff, but also, how we could do stuff better. And I slowly began to shift from ‘only’ fixing stuff, to improving stuff.

Eventually I grew into my role as lead developer. Not fixing other people’s bugs, but making them myself 😉 And obviously, without joking, preventing them. As a lead dev one of my roles is to translate the wishes and desires of the customer into requirements that we programmers understand while keeping the bigger picture and desires in mind. But also talking with the customer what is possible or affordable. The sky’s the limit and (in theory) we can make anything that is desired. But sometimes it’s good to realize that the sky might be a bit too much and that the affordable alternative is just as good.

I’m a full stack developer, meaning I can do anything from setting up a server to backend- and frontend-development. I specialize in python, django, plone, bash (scripts on server), react and redux. What I don’t do? Visual and interactive designing. But always in the mood to try something new.

I’m a ‘mostly serious’ guy with a good sense of humor, I love working hard and getting stuff done. When the work is done, or we need a break, I enjoy playing games with my colleagues and drinking beer. When I get home I’m greeted by my wife and son, who mean the world to me 🙂 I love traveling, socializing, (special) beer, gaming, reading, watching series and what not.

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