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Marja Doedens

By on september 20, 2017

Super Operations and Excellent Service, that’s my thing. With my hotel and catering industry background and almost 20 years of experience in ICT I have ‘Excellent Service’ at heart and ‘Control’ as my middle name. And I adore all the innovative and extracurricular activities that we do. Like Startup Kid, but also the VR and AR projects, the Christmas Tree and the LightWall for the Beatrix Childrens Hospital. You will usually find me either in the office in Groningen or in Amsterdam. And sometimes with a customer or a partner.  

Pink Elephant

After my Business & Hotel Management education in The Hague I started out at Pink Elephant in office automation at the helpdesk in Amsterdam. Learning by doing! Working though assignments with increasing responsibility within Pink(former Elephant)Roccade and then Getronics my last job at Getronics made me responsible for insourcing the ING ICT Local Support department in 2005. An enormous, exciting and fantastic challenge, that ended with the transition of the new colleagues to their new departments within Getronics.

Back to Groningen

In between assignments and a little bit ‘homesick’ I decided to moved back to Groningen and I switched jobs. As a manager of the ICT Operations department of the Provincie Groningen. I was responsible for helpdesk, network and application services within this governmental organization of over 1000 employees. After five years and an intense and successful reorganization I decided to leave for an exciting assignment at the small Drupal webdevelopment agency Wowww!. I got the chance to prove myself as general director. And, Wowwww! being a small company, to expand my skills in the sales, finance and strategic department. I fell in love with the Drupal-community and joined the Board of the Dutch Drupal Foundation as their treasurer.

To Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe

In the end, I found that being general director sounds pretty cool, but it can also be a pretty lonesome job. I found a like minded soul in Jacob, one of the founding partners and at the moment the sole director of Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe and after some deliberation we felt we might complement each other.

Since April 2016 I’m proud to have joined Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe. I enjoy spending my time with both customers, suppliers and partners. And I love the StartupKid activities and the cool and innovative projects that we do. But most of all I enjoy working with my colleagues. They are all professionals in their field of expertise and it’s a privilege to work with them. We make an awesome team.


Ooh, and in my spare time you can find me at MKB Noord, as I am their Chairwoman for the Province of Groningen, or in Slochteren, where I like to organize events like the Slochter Woldspektoakel. Or maybe you’ll find me at the dairy farm where I live with my boyfriend (the farmer) and his three daughters…

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