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Lukas Chripko

By on september 21, 2017

Year 1989 in lovely country of Slovakia Lukas was born. While young Lukas enjoyed mountains in his hometown, he learnt how to ski, pick mushrooms, build tents and bonfires and everything else what true mountain guy should know πŸ™‚

As he grew older his temptation and eagerness to explore the world forced him to say goodbye to motherland and he decided to go on a journey around the world. One of his first stops end up to be Sweden where he learnt what life abroad means and travelling became his addiction. Unfortunately strong winters and long lonely nights in the north made him re-evaluate his stay and fill his joy of travelling again. This is where his journey to Amsterdam and GWW begins.

Amsterdam offered to Lukas much more vibrant and excited place, filled with lot of nice people around, to stay. Fortunately he found his place and could join GWW, where he is fighting with client requirements and fulfilling tickets left and right πŸ˜› With his broad skillset he can beat almost any coding challenge ahead of him and he never says no but rather learns new approach or technology.

While he is not working, he enjoys relaxation playing computer games which are his addiction since early teenage years. Fighting demons and building empires, that’s his style. The dream about being a real life wizard or a king will always be there!!!

Currently he tries to master the magic of cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence, which are always good topics while having a pint of beer! Actually any topic while having a fresh lager is a good topic for Lukas πŸ™‚

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