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By on september 21, 2017

With a background in software engineering, operating systems and networks, I enjoy writing nice and clean code just as much as tuning database performance. I dig devops. Building reliability by reproducible provisioning and deployment procedures.

Software engineering is about people and processes as much as it is about code. I feel blessed with a group of enthusiastic coworkers, working with clients where we forge teams to build great web applications.

I joined GWW in 2012. Before that, I worked in compiler technology and co-developed a VOIP platform. I studied Computer Science at Utrecht University. I’ve been writing software since the mid-eighties.

After hours, I like cooking, using the barbecue throughout the year. Add family, friends, a bit of sunshine and a glass of beer and life is good. I’m a father of 3. We’re living in Amsterdam-Oost, conveniently close to our office at KNSM-laan.

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