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Jasper Krebbers

By on september 21, 2017

In 1993 I was born beneath the sea, on reclaimed sand of the dutch province Flevoland. When I was young technology, engineering and nature were my big interests. LEGO fulfilled my engineering for quite a while. Catching lizards and fishing on vacation did the same for my interest in nature. Technology however was always new and exciting, playing the newest games and seeing what computers can do.

When I found out that Artificial Intelligence would let all my interests combine I was sold, the possibility of engineering software on high end computers to model everything and anything in the natural world is awe inspiring. After my bachelors AI at the University of Groningen I couldn’t stop, but went further down the rabbithole. Starting a master in AI at the University of Groningen and working here at Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe on new AI and machine learning applications is an awesome experience with many interesting people and challenges.

Ard Boer

oktober 6, 2017

Artur Barseghyan

september 21, 2017

Erick Martijn Bouma

september 21, 2017