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Jan Murre

By on oktober 6, 2017

I am a long-time webtechnology specialist. Started my career about 25 years ago as a chemist, introducing educational courseware and computer science into the university curriculum.

When the internet started to become available to the general public (mid-nineties) I immediately fell in love with the endless possibilities of it. A love that lasts until the current day.

At Atos Origin I introduced webtechnology into instruction technology, groupware and other means of interactive communication.

In 2001 I started a new company (Pareto), together with some former colleagues. I was convinced of the great possibilities of Open Source software and started a separate branch of the company based on open source python technology (Zope,Plone, Django, Linux). It was a fascinating experience and I learned a lot.

After more that 10 years, I decided to continue as a freelance consultant, doing the things I really love to do, because, you only live once!

I am doing mainly web projects (Python, Django, Flask, Pyramid, Angular, Google AppEngine) and increasingly (python-based) Machine Learning.

In my free time I love to sing in a choir and to cook.

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