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Jacob Klaassen

By on april 17, 2018

My story and life starts on Ameland, as the youngest child of Jaap and Jetta Klaassen I spent my youth on this island. My parents had a shop (Warenhuis vd Brink) in the center of Nes. My grandfather was a blacksmith and he had a fascination for technology. His workspace above his smithy was full of (half) disassembled electrical appliances and this space was really a mecca for a boy of eight. Although I took apart with my screwdriver more than I assemble and always had screws left at the end, I thought that I had a fascination to technology. From the age of sixteen I continued my high school career in Groningen. From my generation I am the famous example of the Commodore 64 (no ZX spectrum with the weird rubber keys) as my first computer. An unprecedented, superior home computer for that time. With his VIC II (graphics) and SID6581 (sound) chipset, this computer was so incredibly ahead of its time, that all you imagined was the limitation of the possibilities. I became fascinated by the unprecedented possibilities. It was therefore logical that after studying pre-university education, I went to study computer science at the University of Groningen. For one year at least, after which I made the switch to Economics. In 1989 I graduated and Gasunie became my first employer. I was employed there as a business analyst and worked at the Informatics department. After working for several years at the Gasunie, I started working for myself in 1996. My first company was Metaware, specializing in Lotus Notes applications. In the pre-internet era, this was the state of the art application for data sharing. My fascination with technology combined with entrepreneurship was a happy combination. Since 2006 I have been a partner in the adventure Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe. A non-conformist filibuster club who brutally won one big assignment after the other. From 2014 I am CEO of GWW and the company is growing steadily. With offices in Groningen and Amsterdam, we operate on the edge of technology, culture and education. A quirky mix of services. I am loving it!

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