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Hitwizard, presentation and public beta launch at ADE

By on oktober 16, 2017

HitWizard is an AI built by dutch techagency Goldmund Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe. HitWizard predicts hits by using all kinds of airplay data of dutch radiostations and classifying this as hit when tracks enter the dutch Spotify Top200.
The AI is currently trained with 2.5 million lines of data and more coming every day. By using a neural network the AI is able to find predictors for parameters in the dataset that are very hard to find for humans. Not just the amount of airplay but also time, place, and unique identifiers for a track provided by the Spotify Audiofeatures API gives the AI unprecedented insights in what tracks might become hits.
Right after the presentation at ADE HitWizard will be available for everybody to try and get to know the hits of next week. Of course, music is an emotional and cultural product which is very hard to predict. HitWizard only uses a limited of amount of parameters that in real life decide wheter or not a track will be a hit. Still we feel predicting hits of next week with an accuracy of 62% is pretty good.


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