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Haike Zegwaard

By on oktober 6, 2017

My name is Haike Zegwaard

I started my career with bachelor in information science, and working as a java developer. All nice and fun, but after a while, I got stuck in the code, not progressing, repeating myself, and by the lack of good seniors around, not really learning. I got the opportunity to make a shift to ‘projectmanager’, got rid of my IDE, shutdown my debugger, and opened up excel instead. I swore never to program a line again.

At first I really liked this. Not having to worry about the details anymore, just going over global lines, planning and managing expectations.
But after a while I started missing the code. I missed the puzzles. Instead of telling others what to do, I’d rather do it myself again.
I figured this was the time for me to start looking for another opportunity, and this was how i was welcomed at Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe. Here I have the chance to puzzle again, to work on cool projects and really dive into the detail, together with a great team and outstanding Super Smash Brothers Brawl competitions.
I swore never to swear again.

As for the things that make me me: I love (in no particular order): playing (jazz)piano, warning-free code, my wife and two kids, bike racing, skating, Tool, Bill Evans, strong coffee.

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