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Eden Laboda

By on september 21, 2017

Eden lived for the first part of her life in Paris where she would spend her time drinking coffee on a terrace, smoking cigarettes and speaking french.

With both French and American nationality, she would embrace both cultures, although it is well known that Americans hate to love France and French love to hate America.

Maybe this paradox explains why she already had so many lives. She started with her own company making video and digital objects in the territorial marketing fields then moved on to being a city planner and then travel on her own for 7 months in South-East Asia to finally figure out that she wanted to get back into the tech world. This time she would be the one creating and not left on the side wondering how everything works.

So after some intense training at Le Wagon, she joined the team of GWW, facing daily challenges to understand and always learn more in Python, Django and the REST Framework, and her personal favorite React.

She also spend a lot of time talking at lunch time and kicking ass in foosball.

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