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Dedicated chat app for retail

By on juli 15, 2019

Nowadays instant messaging and chat applications have been widely adopted and a core tool for most enterprises all over the world. The massive usage is caused by the move…

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Qdocs: Workflowmanagement voor de Gasunie

By on juli 9, 2019

Voor de Gasunie hebben we een workflowmanagementsysteem gerealiseerd voor de afdeling Inkoop. De ingekochte materialen zoals leidingen of afsluiters worden bij binnenkomst geïnspecteerd aan de hand van de begeleidende…

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The making of the micro:bit Pong Lichtwand Almere

By on juni 26, 2019

Voor De Nieuwe Bibliotheek in Almere kreeg Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe de opdracht om een interactieve lichtwand te realiseren. Deze opdracht omvatte twee onderdelen: Installatie van de lichtwand waarop middels bewegingssensoren…

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What are you interested in?

By on juni 5, 2019

Automatically generating user recommendations using a hybrid recommendation system.

In our current digital era, we are constantly bombarded by a myriad of choices. At what restaurant are we going to…

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Automatic image classification

By on mei 29, 2019

Cleo is a platform containing Egyptian objects from four major international museum collections. These collections are standardized by using the Thot thesauri, and are automatically translated into English and Dutch….