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AI Challenge 15 October Groningen

By on juli 17, 2018

On Monday evening October 15th we organize the Big AI Show for a wide audience in which the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence are highlighted by numerous speakers. The audience is in an interactive way part of the show. Host is Bram Douwes.

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The line up for the event is :

AI KNOWS ME. speaker: Monte Königs
Monte Königs (1990) is an expert on future human behaviour, societal change & business strategy. He works as a speaker and leadership trainer at WHETSTON / strategic foresight. Monte specialises in the future of technology, trust & ethics. Monte is a sociologist with a research master in Urban Studies. Next to speaking, he takes on roles as moderator & trainer and is a trusted coach for top management. He has worked as a researcher for Ipsos Market Research and Motivaction International. In 2017 he was nominated for Young Research Talent of the Year in the Netherlands.

Meet Your New Workmate and Friend. speaker: Bennie Mols
Bennie graduated in physics and philosophy and I hold a PhD in physics. I love writing and I love science, so I decided to combine both. I work as a science journalist and author in a broad field: physical sciences, mathematics, computer science, neuroscience, and technology. My specialty is being an allrounder. That’s the great thing of working as a science journalist: if you are truly interested in some topic, you can report about it. I have written more than four hundred articles for various magazines and newspapers, eight books, and I have participated in more than two hundred radio programmes explaining science to a broad audience in the Netherlands. Science and travel are for me excellent ways to discover the world around us and even the world inside us. One of my mottos is that science is culture too.

Hitwizard, an AI Crusade to finding music industry’s Holy Grail. speaker: Ard Boer
Ard is chief scientist and co-founder at New Music Labs. New Music Labs is a Groningen (Netherlands) based company that develops creative concepts for music industry. Together with Goldmund, Wyldebeats & Wunderliebe he developed Hitwizard, an AI for predicting the next big hit.

Host of the event is Bram Douwes|
Bram Douwes (Groningen, 1984) obtained a master’s degree in Dutch Language and Culture at the University of Groningen and is self-employed at ‘Productiewerf’ since 2009.
He presented the award-winning talk show about the city of Groningen ‘Stand van Stad’, ‘De Week van Bram on regional broadcasting RTV Noord and was a researcher at the hit program ‘Zondag met Lubach’. This year Bram was one of the presenters of King’s Day in Groningen.
At this moment Bram is seen in the web series ‘Bramlandt’ for Dagblad van het Noorden and he tours with Wilbert van de Kamp through The Netherlands with ‘De Linkse Mannen Roadshow’

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